Advance Compositing

The offered short term course contains rotoscopy, 3D camera projection and live action compositing for making the film. In this course the students gain expertise in compositing and up to date digital compositing techniques and apply these skills to the creation of professional portfolio pieces that showcase technical and artistic mastery. After the completion this course our students can work as a VFX artist, graphic designer or a production artist or even as a game designer. The offered short term course advanced compositing covers software like mocha, nuke and silhouette. In this course, individual research and personal creative direction is encouraged and supported.


Advance Compositing

36 hours

Career Options

  • Interactive e-learning designer

  • Digital storyboard artist

  • Content manager (media & mobile)

  • Page layout artist

  • UI/UX designer

  • Visualizer

  • Art director

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Note: The course material of MAYA is exemplary because it has been prepared with the efforts of experienced faculties. MAYA’s drive-in road facilities are most superior in terms of sophistication and the richness of experience of the faculties.