Come and join MAYA Academy to enter the world of 3D animation and get ready for exciting career opportunities. MAYA academy is one of the highly prominent 3D animation brands exceptionally renowned for its career oriented short term and defined term courses. We are committed to take the concept of coaching to a new level by providing a thorough understanding of the core concepts of 3D animation to our students along with practical hands-on software training. Our animation courses include defined category of industry based content and cater to specific segments in context of specific animation sub categories combined with exclusive exposure to job oriented requirement and guidance from industry experts.

Students who want to pursue a career as an animator, in filmmaking, or in editing should take this course. Also, throughout the course, the students will work on a variety of projects that will help them establish a strong foundation of 3D skills. Upon completion of this course, students can apply for a variety of skilled jobs from the best animation institute. 3D animation is a vast subject that covers many aspects and each feature is linked with enormous career options.

Advanced level 3D animation course covers the complete process of animation filmmaking, from pre-production and production to post-production stages of filmmaking. The 3D animation is a perfect starting point for aspiring animators, looking for a break in the field.

This course mainly focuses on 3D computer graphics, storyboarding, concepts of film making, 3D design, 3D character modelling, background, organic character texturing, lighting, character rigging, character animation and particle effects, dynamics, compositing and editing using software like MAYA, autodesk 3Ds, fusion, adobe audition, mudbox, etc. You will also obtain the required skills like story writing, cinematography, directing, editing and lighting, required to be a successful 3D animator.

Working professionals who want to pursue careers in the rapidly evolving field of 3D animation are offered moderate level 3D animation courses. These 3D animations are made available to these industry professionals so they may learn how to implement new updates while they are at work. These programmes are available to people who are working on official tasks and may only have a limited amount of time to learn amazing technology like 3D animation. This animation programme begins at a basic level so that anyone who has no prior knowledge of animation can participate and ends with detailed, in-depth knowledge in the field of animation.

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Learn everything evolved in 3D animation from the best animation institute in Ahmedabad. Initiating from the basic 3D modelling to live action film making concepts, this course offers a rewarding career and insightful training in the category of animation plus VFX industry based content / practical training through animation tools.


Animation Advanced

25 months

Animation Prime

20 months

Animation Gold

12 months

Animation Smart

9 months

Career Options

  • 3D animator

  • 3D modeler

  • Compositor

  • Illustrator

  • Video editor

  • Storyboard artist

  • Rigging artist

  • Texturing artist

  • Lighting artist

  • Rendering artist

  • Graphic designer

Note: The course material of MAYA is exemplary because it has been prepared with the efforts of experienced faculties. MAYA’s drive-in road facilities are most superior in terms of sophistication and the richness of experience of the faculties.