Game Designing

The gaming industry is becoming into a lucrative and common career for adolescents in today's world as they develop strong coding and programming skills as well as a passion for the game and creativity. A career in game design is a rapidly evolving but extremely competitive field that combines technology, creativity, and fun. Come and work with us to create the thrilling characters, creatures, and settings of the future in interactive gaming environments. After completion, of course, you can plan and implement all elements of the game as a game designer. The students at MAYA - best animation academy receive assistance in finding the best employment opportunities that match their skills and the best starts in their professional careers with reflection from best animation & gaming institute in Ahmedabad.

This is an advance interactive design and games course, learn the details of game design and techniques in an advanced course in interactive design and games! Jointhe best game design academy for top courses in animation and game design to learn the course that is designed for a game lover to create new words to explore and experience through a range of techniques and software that you master. The offered advanced program in digital media & design provides a comprehensive, 360 degree learning opportunity for extensive job-oriented training in responsive 3D animation, top 3D modelling craft and 3D visualisation content.

With interactive design & games training course, you get to learn the entire process of making an engaging game environment that includes fascinating characters and scenarios. Create new worlds for gaming enthusiasts like you, to explore and experience through a range of technologies and software that you master.

A widespreading game design course that teaches you in-game art, design, and integration of game asset elements is what we're offering as our program in game design & integration course. Bring your ideas to life with MAYA's top gaming course to go one step closer to a very lucrative career as a game designer.

Want to work with the biggest studios through best gamedesign institute in Ahmedabad on the most exciting projects? Get hands-on training with the latest version software like 3Ds max, mudbox, and unity. The students learn about the game design process, including the creation of digital assets and their integration into the game engine. The career based course content contains basics of art, concepts of design and game theory and developing skills in the most in-demand aspects of 3D visualisation, digital sculpting, environment modelling, texturing in games, stylized character modelling, next-gen vehicle modelling and much more.

Create new worlds for masses to explore and experience into a divulge format of gaming through MAYA module based top game desgin career based course which starts from the basic of best animation softwares and includes top 3D visualisation content. A unique frame of technologies and software inclusions ensure a diversified indulgence into the world of game design for all kinds of pc, consoles, mobile and online games.

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With this course you can learn how to make the best use of the technology to make the most stimulating, entertaining games. You can get trained in unity game engine, adobe audition, autodesk 3Ds max, adobe photoshop, adobe premiere and much more. Vr technology uses a combination of multi-projected environments to create realistic images, sounds and other stimulations that simulate the feeling of physical appearance in a virtual environment. With MAYA academy, come and experience the latest technologies used to develop cutting-edge virtual reality & augmented reality practices.


Game Design Advanced

31 months

Game Design Prime

16 months

Game Design Smart

11 months

Career Options

  • Video editing artist

  • Sound editing artist

  • Digital design artist

  • Interactive presentations artist

  • Casual games artist

  • Design visualization artist

  • 3D design & modelling artist

  • Texturing artist

  • Lighting & rendering artist

  • Character setup & rigging artist

  • Character animation artist

  • Particle dynamics artist

  • Digital sculpting artist

  • Game engine artist

  • Augmented reality artist

  • Virtual reality artist

  • Game asset creation artist

  • Game level design & integration artist