Modelling & texturing course

MAYA – best animation institute in Ahmedabad provides you an advanced training in animation offering short term course in modelling and texturing that helps to create 3D model characters. The offered modelling & texturing course is taken by an expert experienced faculty. The 3D model characters created are then brought to life with animation techniques and cad software. The students having very creative imagination can join the course and become successful in animation profession. The offered course content contains inorganic modelling, digital sculpting and stylized low-poly character design which are taught to students and highlighted with career oriented content and industry standards as per requirement from the high paced animation 3D visualisation category in VFX and 3D animation zones


Elective Basis (specialisation)

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Career Options

  • Storyboard artist

  • Clean-up artist

  • Digital artist

  • Layout artist

  • Lighting & shading

  • Key frame artist

  • Compositor

  • Image editor

  • Digital ink artist

  • Rigging artist

  • Lighting artist

  • Animator artist

  • Digital effects painter

  • Digital sculptor

  • 3D modeler

  • Video editor

  • Audio editor

  • Paint artist

  • Scanner operator