Short Term Courses

A short-term course that we offer at MAYA ACADEMY is suitable for any individual, including working professionals and job applicants in the field of animation. We are providing a short term animation course that can change the course of your life! Best career-oriented courses are designed with the support of the creatives to encourage learners with the enthusiasm and ambition needed to accomplish something in today's more competitive world.

Our animation short-term courses are ideal for both students and professionals in the working world. These short term duration courses are of 3months to 6months, the training is delivered in a highly interactive manner so that you can start your career in the media and entertainment industry for jobs in animation, VFX, web & graphics, digital design and much more

The short term courses offered by us are 3D stereoscopic film, advance compositing, architecture design, composition plus, digital film making, max pro, MAYA pro, modelling & texturing.

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