The VFX course incorporates every visual effect and special effect used in movies, television shows, commercials, video games, and other forms of digital media. You can learn 3D modelling, digital sculpting, character animation, rotoscopy, and much more in this VFX course. The world of visual effects is accessible through this program. We have designed this VFX course to fulfill the increasing needs for visual communication in different business activities. We are here for those who want to make a career in the animation and VFX course fields with the best VFX institute in Ahmedabad - MAYA academy

Visual effects are now a crucial component of feature films, television shows, animation, video games, commercials, and nearly all forms of entertainment. A career course, VFX advanced plus is intended to give you all the major and propelled abilities needed to be a successful VFX craftsman. This specialized visualizations course covers topics ranging from pre-generation and storyboarding, which are fundamental to 3D filmmaking, to advanced topics like motion graphics, digital design, and editing. These will help you to enhance your abilities and meet industry requirements.

For practical training sessions, the MAYA academy in Ahmedabad provides a studio-like environment along with a work experience at renowned production houses and industry visits. Our course content includes a holistic pattern of exotic VFX software based components highlighting the most demanded concept learning components such as fcp, advanced particles effects, procedural fx workflows and set extension cinematography. This will give you a similar experience to that of an expert VFX craftsman, ensuring a complete add on skill set inducement for VFX industry career.

We are offering you with moderate level of VFX training which is a professional course designed to train you with the latest visual effects of software and techniques that are widely used in filmmaking. These courses are highly demanded in movies short film, the scope of skilled professionals in this field is immense.

VFX is highly used in bollywood movies to hollywood movies and web series all having massive use. This course is designed to ensure that you get an insight into authentic studio environment.a complete approach includes fundamentals of digital designs, layer based compositing, clean plate and wire removal, concepts of set extensions and cg integration, match moving and camra tracking. All these elements will help you excel and work for high end projects on freelancing basis and profound job designations. MAYA animation courses are considered to excel into the resourceful categories of 3D design visualisation and regarded as best VFX institute in Ahmedabad.

The course spotlight on the post-production phase that includes composition, rotoscopy and editing as main element is called VFX prime plus. A perspective on practice such as compositing, match-moving, matte painting, and editing is incorporated. Filmmakers and artists can bring their imaginative visions to life on screen thanks to composition and editing combined.

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Students are prepared to comprehend and excel in rotoscopy, match moving, bg prep, compositing and editing thoroughly. A film, tv show, or music video's final look and feel are created during the production process. You will learn how to use industry-standard software, such as adobe photoshop, mocha, nuke, silhouette, adobe after effects, and final cut pro. Advanced practical software training, workshops from industry experts, regular studio visits, and certified trainers would all be to your advantage through best VFX courses and be a part of top animation academy in Ahmedabad.


VFX Advanced

29 months

VFX Prime

16 months

VFX Smart

9 months

Career Options

  • Compositor

  • Matchmoving artist

  • Lighting artist

  • Motion graphics artist

  • Roto artist

  • FX artist

  • Video editor BG prep artist

  • Stereo depth grade artist

  • Paint artist

  • Pre-viz artist

  • Clean-up artist

Note: The course material of MAYA is exemplary because it has been prepared with the efforts of experienced faculties. MAYA’s Drive-in road facilities are most superior in terms of sophistication and the richness of experience of the faculties.